Balance article showing group members

Balance article showing group members

Article in Balance


We were approached at the end of June regarding Diabetes UK completing an article regarding our life with diabetes (Shirley) with it and (Mick) as a carer.

Once we had agreed we were both interviewed by the publishers of the magazine which took quite a time with set questions by them and further discussion.

First was Shirley and then Mick with different type of open questions allowing for differing responses.

We were then then told we would be contacted by a photographer who would be taking photos to add to the editorial. We got a phone call from the gentlemen and he needed to find a suitable venue for colour and topic of healthy eating. We were able to come up with a local market trader to which he agreed and came and collected us. The trader was extremely helpful andunderstanding of what was required and we had many shots taken with the fruit and vegetables.

 We must say the one they did chose was perhaps a reasonable

one of us.

Once they had all the matter they sent to us a copy of the article which is to appear in the next edition of Balance which will run over two pages.

We must say how delighted we were to be chosen and the whole experience was quite something.

Please look out for us in your copy.