Addressing the Royal Pharmaceutical Society update

Addressing the Royal Pharmaceutical Society update

On Monday 17th Sept Mick and Shirley had the opportunity to address this society regarding living with diabetes and how their pharmacists play a role in their treatment.

They were able to give a power point presentation which went down well and raised lots of questions for those present who were from many proffessional walks of life.

They were invited to stay for the day and when lunch and networking time occured they were inundated with questions and enquires on if they could speak at their CCG etc.

The new items for self management and technical ideas were shown and liked by all and the society agreed these should be shown in all pharmacy.

They were please to have been asked by Diabetes UK to represent them and they felt they had given a good representation of the them.

Following this Mick and Shirley have been asked back to be a stakeholder link to the preparation of a new policy for pharmancies to follow giving help regarding diabetes.